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Don't Leave Home Without It! Presents the Top Ten Tips for Diamond Buyers This
Valentine's Day

(Jan 20, 2004 - Los Altos, CA) - If the thought of buying a diamond for that special someone has already taken the sparkle out of this coming Valentine's Day, is ready to help., a premier online service dedicated to linking prospective diamond buyers to the right jewelers, right in their neighborhood, is releasing its "Top 10 Diamond Buying Tips," a guide no diamond buyer should leave home without.

"Diamonds are not only an expensive and intimidating purchase, they are also very emotional, making it especially important that you make the right decision at every step," said diamond expert, Robert Hensley, co-founder of

"Comparing diamonds for quality is complicated and difficult," Hensley added. "Therefore, it's important to avoid the common mistakes and find a jeweler with impeccable integrity that can help you select and purchase a good quality diamond at a low price."

  1. Find a jeweler with impeccable integrity first. Dishonest or unskilled jewelers can take advantage of you, no matter how much you know, whereas a reputable, well-chosen diamond specialist will give you a great deal no matter how little you know. Always choose your jeweler first, before you try to choose your diamond.

  2. Let your jeweler do the diamond hunting. A good diamond specialist can access any diamond in the world market at a great price. Work with one great specialist and tell them exactly what you want. They can find it for you. If you go from store to store looking for your diamond in stock, you will only look until you stumble upon a dishonest jeweler that may end up giving you a poor deal.

  3. Only buy diamonds with a grading report (certificate) from the top 2 grading laboratories: GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gemological Society). These two gemological laboratories are the most conservative and have the strictest laboratories in the industry. Therefore, the quality of a diamond graded by either of these two laboratories will usually be much higher than stones graded by others. Never compare prices between diamonds with other certificates because they will usually not be of the same quality.

  4. Go beyond the "4 Cs" (Carat Weight, Color, Clarity and Cut). Every aspect of diamond quality on a grading report affects beauty and value. Learn about every detail on a diamond grading report, and ask questions of your chosen, reputable, diamond specialist so you can be well informed.

  5. Look at diamonds for yourself under a scope. Learn about diamonds by looking at them, not just by reading about them. Do not make the mistake of thinking the numbers and statistics on a lab report will tell you what a diamond looks like. GIA research has shown that there are no ideal parameters for diamond proportions. You have to see a diamond to know how everything works together to reflect and refract light.

  6. Avoid the pushy sales approach. Everyone has unique tastes. Buy what you want, not what a store wants to sell. A good diamond specialist is going to work with you to order anything you want. Give them the time to find it for you. They should not push you into buying something that is not right for you. If your store is pushy, walk out. Don't fall for sales, "today-only" prices, or huge discounts.

  7. Do not make this an engineering project -- maintain the romance and joy of your diamond purchase. Details are important as a general starting point, but there are limits to the amount of detail you can require. You cannot order a diamond with all your options as if it were a car. Avoid the frustration of creating parameters that are too narrow.

  8. Learn how to identify your diamond to avoid any mistakes. "Diamond switching" is not common but it can happen, either by accident or on purpose. A good diamond specialist will be happy to show you how to identify your diamond, which is the best security against switching when you get it repaired, cleaned or set in a ring. Appraisers are just as likely to be a problem as dishonest jewelers. So the best approach is to find an honest jeweler and let them educate you enough to protect yourself in the future.

  9. Select the setting and the diamond from the same company. By selecting a diamond specialist, you will also find someone that can create or order any setting you might want. This will help avoid "switching" of your diamond, breaking of the diamond during the extreme pressure used to set it tight, and it will also give you the best service. Custom settings are not much more expensive than standard settings, so leave some room in your budget for an excellent setting.

  10. Never take a diamond to another jeweler for an appraisal after the sale. It is nearly impossible to find an appraiser that is not connected to someone that sells diamonds. Therefore, they will usually not give you a fair and accurate assessment. We have seen many excellent diamonds returned because a biased appraiser "lowballed" a good diamond to make it sound like they could offer a better deal. The customer always loses when that happens. Find a good diamond specialist and they can give you a valid appraisal acceptable for any insurance company at the time of purchase. is a premier online service dedicated to linking prospective diamond buyers to the right jewelers, right in their neighborhood. The site was founded by Hermann Calabria and Robert Hensley in 2001.'s mission is to eliminate the intimidation factor from the diamond-buying process, by educating novice buyers, linking them to the right jeweler, right in their neighborhood, and ultimately providing them with the diamond of their dreams at the most competitive price. Additional information may be found in the "About Us" section at

# # #

Robert Hensley
Senior Diamond Consultant


Liz Greene
Public Relations

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