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  • is a premier online service dedicated to eliminating the intimidation factor from the diamond-buying process by educating novice buyers, guiding them to the finest jewelers available, and ultimately providing them with the diamond of their dreams at the most competitive price.

  • The company was founded by Hermann Calabria, a 10-year veteran in the technology industry, and diamond expert Robert Hensley in November 2001.

  • was originally called "Jeweler Match" and was a section on Calabria's own information-based diamond site, He and Hensley expanded upon the highly popular function and in November 2001, created as its own separate entity.

  • FindMyJeweler currently evaluates jewelers in all major U.S. cities.

  • Each participating jeweler has been thoroughly pre-screened by Hensley and his assistants, who perform rigorous "secret shopper" tests. FindMyJeweler calls every jeweler in a given city to select the diamond jeweler with the highest level of integrity, customer service, selection, quality, highly competitive prices, extensive experience, expert product knowledge and a helpful, educational sales approach with no sign of pushy sales tactics.

  • offers customers a free 30-minute diamond tutorial that teaches prospective diamond buyers about the "4 Cs," how to judge cuts, what questions to ask a jeweler, and how to select a setting.

The Company's Philosophy

  • believes that an informed consumer is a smart consumer.'s 30-minute tutorial will help eliminate the stress and uncertainty of buying a diamond.

  • suggests that diamond buyers select their diamond specialist first before selecting the diamond. Look around and interview jewelers, stick with that expert and let them work with you to locate the right diamond for you.

  • understands that first-time buyers may be intimidated. Therefore, in addition to referring customers to a local diamond jeweler that has exceeded's strict criteria, customers also receive free, personalized assistance from their diamond experts. After completing the FindMyJeweler Request, one of our experts will contact the customer to answer any questions they might have during the diamond-buying process.'s experts can help customers compare diamonds, assess prices, help with settings, etc. This assistance is free.

  • partners with jewelers who prefer to build their businesses by providing great service and competitive prices to consumers, and counting on the resulting repeat sales and "word of mouth" advertising. Although jewelers pay FindMyJeweler for our services, we cost significantly less than what jewelers normally pay for advertising, high-profile high-rent locations, and other traditional promotional costs. Lower marketing expenses translate into lower prices and better service for consumers.

About the Secret Shopper Tests

  • For each test,'s expert, Robert Hensley, contacts the jeweler by phone and asks the salesperson for help in deciding on the best quality, price and size of diamond for an engagement ring. He chooses, for example, a 1.00 carat, G color, VS2 clarity, ideal cut, round brilliant shape diamond. If the initial price quoted by the jeweler does not fall within the predetermined range of appropriate pricing, the jeweler does not qualify and will not be certified through the service.

  • Many jewelers we call fail our initial screening criteria, and most ultimately fail our rigorous "secret shopper" tests. Only 1%-3% of the jewelers we call qualify to be part of This number varies by city; for example, we found no jewelers that met our criteria in Queens, NY.

  • The "secret shopper" test rates each jeweler on the following criteria:

    • Selection of Diamonds -- must have an exceptional selection of quality diamonds in stock, and be willing to express-order any items not in stock requested by the customer, with no obligation to buy for the customer.

    • Expertise -- must have gemologists or diamontologists on premises

    • Service -- must take ample time to educate and help you make the best decisions, in a no-pressure environment

    • Microscopes -- must have scopes on hand to let you examine your diamond correctly

    • Prices -- must be competitive and fair

    • Quality -- must stock the highest quality diamonds including ideal cuts

    • Certificates -- must stock diamonds with GIA certificates or equivalent

    • Selection of Settings -- must have a large number of settings in stock

    • Jeweler on Premises -- must be able to set diamonds by the next day

    • Reputation -- must have an excellent local reputation

    • Trade Rating -- must have excellent ratings with The Jewelers Board of Trade or equivalent

    • Ethics -- must be a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and/or local Chamber of Commerce

    • Professionalism -- must be a member in good standing in one or more of the following reputable jeweler organizations: Jewelers of America, Jewelers Vigilance Committee, American Gemological Society, Diamond Dealers Club, The Jewelers Board of Trade

    • Email -- must answer your email requests promptly (within 48 hours)

    • Phone Calls -- must answer your phone calls promptly (within 48 hours)

    • Return Policy -- must have at least a 10-day return policy

    • Store Hours -- must have convenient shopping hours, including weekends

    • Experience -- owners and managers must have at least 10 years experience in the diamond business

    • Credit history -- must have good credit, which allows them access to any diamond in the market

    • Size of Business -- must be small enough to allow the owners and/or managers to provide personalized to each customer

    • Feedback from other FindMyJeweler visitors -- once we certify a particular jeweler, we must receive consistent, outstanding feedback about them from other FindMyJeweler visitors. Otherwise, will decertify them.

Quick Facts About the Diamond Industry

  • According to analysts, 30 percent of U.S. diamond sales occur during the Christmas season.

  • 46 percent of the world's diamonds are sold in the U.S.

  • More than $22 billion worth of diamonds were sold in the U.S. in 1998. From that figure:

    • 54% for married women

    • 19% for single women

    • 15% for engagement rings

    • 6% for men

    • 4% for women's wedding bands

    • 1% for men's wedding bands

    • 1% for teens

  • Australia produces the highest number of diamonds and Botswana leads in terms of value of production.

  • If you include Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and West African producers, then Africa produces 75 percent of the world's diamonds.

  • Almost all diamonds produced in Africa are exported and the export earnings of these diamond mines are critical to the economies of many African countries.

  • North America is fast becoming a significant player in the international production of diamonds, with the opening of the Ekati mine, amongst others, in Canada.

Information source for industry facts: Harvard Business School case study, April 20, 2000. / J. Walter Thompson, Inc. is a premier online service dedicated to linking prospective diamond buyers to the finest jewelers available. The site was founded by Hermann Calabria and Robert Hensley in 2001.'s mission is to eliminate the intimidation factor from the diamond-buying process by educating novice buyers, guiding them to the finest quality jewelers available, and ultimately providing them with the diamond of their dreams at the most competitive price. Additional information on the service may be found in the "About Us" section at

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Media Contact: Liz Greene
Robert Hensley
Senior Diamond Consultant


Liz Greene
Public Relations

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